Be Careful What You Wish For

A change of blog

I have decided to remove some older posts about screenwriting and filmmaking and move them onto a separate blog: - as I doubt many of you LJ peeps are interested in that stuff.

The rest of my entries on here will now be friends only - only accessible to those who use and are logged in to Live Journal. Why? - because I want to say what I like and write what I fancy, and I doubt that people who don't know me would be that interested in my rants etc. If they do, they can join in and friend me so I can see who is reading this stuff.

Please do friend me, I may be ginger but that doesn't mean I don't want to friend people who are not of the ginger persuasion.
Be Careful What You Wish For

Broadband is back! Phew! - deadline missed... sigh.

I come home to find a near unintelligible message from an Irish call centre operative to say the line should now be working. It was. Joy! I called to find out what the fault had been, but was told it was far too technical for him, and therefore by association me, to understand.

We missed a client deadline today; on a course I had handed back to my boss, as I was swamped. It seems when I am away, no one cares about deadlines.... maybe that is what I should say when asked why I like to work at my present company? I should say "I like it that others coast along with their self-important time-filling activities and don't get stressed out by meeting pesky things like client deliverables and high priority invoicing activities! Otherwise it would feel too much like work wouldn't it?"...

Pity no one told the client that I had handed the course back to my boss, like my boss telling the client? Stupid me. I must remember:

Stop caring or get a new job.
Be Careful What You Wish For

No spacking Broadband! WTF!

Monday - Went home after a nice pub meal with bun_egirl to find that our Broadband is inexplicably now no longer working! It was working fine all weekend.... I call the helpdesk after already performing all the necessary checks, only for them to ignore the fact that you have years of IT training and claim to already having successfully diagnosed the fault and make you go through it all again. Eventually get the plonker on the helpdesk to confirm I am right, he fobs me off with an excuse that BT know about the fault and are fixing it now, and can I check the line as often as possible, but assures me it will come back on magically very soon. I am no way near convinced.

Tuesday - Working from home, wake up with the dregs of a migraine and get up to check the router and find that the line is not magically working. Call the Helpdesk and I am on the phone to a complete spazz 'Mumbai' female for an hour. She doesn't believe that I can and did do the necessary checks by myself and the plonker from the night before did not log the call - no surprise - and insists I go through them with her, even though all I want them to do is perform a 'tone' test. I tell her that most of the checks are not relevant - like checking the Ethernet cable - as I am using the router wirelessly and the problem is that the internet/phone connection is not working. I haven't changed anything software or hardware configuration on my end, so the problem is either with BT or SKY. I tell her I know she is not IT trained, she is working from a fixed script, she doesn't have a clue how a router works and I do as I used to work in IT. Eventually she concedes defeat and escalates it to the 'real' Support - 2nd line support when she does the 'tone test' and realises the internet is not active on my line. Doh! It's hard being right.... always right.... I get three more calls from IT Support asking me to perform similar checks as each one believes the other staff members may have missed something out. Each time the outcome is the same, the line is still not active and I am still right.

Doesn't give me any satisfaction when I have no imminent solution to getting Broadband back. All I keep wondering is if this has anything to do with the muppets at Pipex and BT, cancelling my SKY broadband, due to confusion and a lack of all round brain power!

Life is a bunch of c*ck sometimes....

In other news I am asked to write a piece on why I like working at my current job - for a marketing newsletter type thing - I am stumped as to what to say beyond "huh? What? I like working here now?"
Be Careful What You Wish For


I slept last night people! Boy did I sleep. Apart from being woken by Felix at 5am for food, I slept like the dead. I still feel crap - bun_egirl reckons it's a virus, rather than the food poisoning I thought it must be, but whatever it is, I am still not 100 percent. Give me more sleep like that people and I will soon be back on form. Bring it on!

Last night I had a chav/stupidity overdose. After the most excellent Armin Meiwes inspired episode of the I.T. Crowd, and My NAME IS EARL, I watched crap like Booze Britain and Worlds Stupidest Stunts; flicking from channel to channel, I laughed myself silly as people alternately drank too much and made complete d*cks of themselves or attempted great feats of stuntery and made complete d*cks of themselves - or died hilariously. Darwin in action; you've gotta love it.
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Be Careful What You Wish For

All work and no play... well apart from DRAGON TIGER GATE, RIDING THE BULLET and DEXTER

This post is sponsored by the Let Rumour_man drink all the boozes foundation...

Worked late for the [g]ayjob till 8.30 on Friday night, then did some editing, before grumpily retiring to bed to watch DEXTER on my laptop at 11.30pm. I am loving that show. It's episoding tale of a Serial-Killer-who-kills-Serial-Killers and masquerades as a human by day; as he works for the Miami Police Forensics lab. It really entertains. It is a very clever and witty, yet hearfelt, bit of drama - unusual for the yanks. It almost made up for not being lashed, but not quite. I am really missing the boozes. Fridays are not the same without it! And missing peeps' leaving do's is not a good habit to adopt...

Saturday - was insanely grumpy at being made to get up and go take measurements for curtains at the house we are looking to buy. Feeling the warmth from the sunlight streaming through the conservatory roof made up for it though. That place is a right little sun trap. Nice.

Spent the day editing, before watching DRAGON TIGER GATE - a daft Manga style Kung Fu comic adaptation flick starring Donny Yuen. It's real name is LUNG FU MOON - which makes it sound like a Wheezing Asthma inspired Kung Fu style... Great fight scenes and cunning CG FX, but hokey drama/heartfelt stuff made me giggle and shake my head in disdain. All hopes of chilling out were ruined by bun_egirl's Mum and Sis coming round for a social visit. Was nice to see them, but not while I am sober and having difficulty feigning normal social niceties. They all cruelly drank in front of me... as if taunting me. I consoled myself with more DEXTER till 1am - although thoughts of the cheaper bottles of Duvel currently on offer in Sainsbury's haunted me through the night... gently calling my name!

Sunday was spent doing more c*cking work for the [g]ayjob. Worked till 4.30pm and then did more editing, before a workout and watched the dodgy Stephen King Short Story adaptation RIDING THE BULLET. That film is laughable, sadly not for the comedy content in the film... it is clearly a short story that has been stretched beyond belief to the point where constant flashbacks and flashforwards and fake possible realities just end up getting right on your tits. Let's not even mention the hamfisted college quality direction and knowing wink-wink type humour. What a waste of a rental! Did not appreciate bun_egirl being able to enjoy a glass of wine in her bath....hrumph! I need the boozes people!
Be Careful What You Wish For

Can't drink for a week!

Got antibiotics as my left ear is still f*cked. Luckily I can fly, but will need waterproof ear thingies if I am to go swimming. The real bummer - besides the antibiotics making me feel a bit sick - is that I can't drink for a week!!!!!!!!

Arse! Not good!

My GP is so young and hip he actually said "It [Your ear] is still full of crap." - what is the world coming to when standards are dropped as soon as one spots your tattoos and thinks he can get in with the kids by swearing?
Be Careful What You Wish For

Deadline met - Elfing complete

Been working like a b*stard, but achieved another client deliverable. Will anyone notice or care? I doubt the client will appreciate the effort that has gone into it; nor the bosses... F*ck 'em.

I need to see the GP tomorrow to get my left ear checked out. Hopefully it will be sorted before our Holiday.

Please let me be free to move my other projects forward tomorrow.... ***praying to the e-learning Gods****... this Elf has done enough Elfing for one client, today!
Be Careful What You Wish For

Clients are dumb - part deux

Yes, everything I said yesterday is proved doubly true, Clients are dumb. A client sends me a new Word Script - a new version of my document; has faithfully tried to follow the stylistic conventions we set, but fails - and fails to use Track Changes to indicate where the changes were made. Dufus! I lose an hour of my life checking his changes, as this part of the course is hand-built, so we can't just 'Elf'* it through the system like we normally do or just do a Compare/Contrast on it.

*Elfing - the process of 'magically' making things happen. Clients assume that invisible Elves exist in e-learning companies to psychically understand every desire and just make it happen, even if it contradicts the rules laid out in the development meetings which state "if it aint on the page, it aint on the stage".

In other news... Still got the whining and stuffed up feeling in my left ear, but loving the fact that I have hearing in one ear and can now demonstrate enough balance to work out hard and sweat like a muthaf*cker!

Trying to read LISEY'S STORY by Stephen King... difficult to get into. Hardly the most engaging start to a book. Typical waffle take-all-day style of Oversized-book-Stephen-Kingness. At least it is not a multiple novel thang like THE DARK TOWER, God forbid!