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My (dull) life in film

drivel and drool from the mind of the sad

20 October
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My Journal of brief film reviews, film news, everyday life crap, rants and stuff I care about at the moment of posting....

--------- ++++++++ Diary of a writer and filmmaker. ++++++++++ ---------

I am an insane G(m)inger person who loves everything about film, writing and horror.

My idea of chilling out is to sit writing or editing all day while listening to a wide variety of tunes, doing a workout, before putting on a bad film, getting drunk and stupid. My idea of stress is being full of creativity, yet being trapped at work and having the lifeforce sucked out of me in return for a drip-feed of money from the corporate teat!

I am a total geek and workaholic. My quest is to create something that will truly infect your nightmares and pervert your waking hours. The reason: getting inside your head is closer than any sexual contact will ever be - and is far more disturbing! MOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! - no seriously, I want to f*ck up as many brains as I can before I vacate this planet. Fame? whatever... Riches? Don't mind if I do, but that is not the quest. The quest is to create one disturbing piece of work that I can proudly look at and call my own. I'm a long ways off, but I'm a persistent little bugger!

Join us! Join Burgess Hill Filmmakers!!!!!!!!

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